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Nail Strip Roofing & Cladding

The Nail Strip panel has a thin rib and wide tray with a perforated fixing strip along one side. There is no need for fixing clips or the additional operation of seaming.
This ensures speed and ease of installing panels whilst allowing for expansion and contraction. It can be used for vertical facade or roofing applications.
Available in 25mm and 38mm rib height, the Nail Strip comes in various widths and lengths to suit your project
These architectural cladding panels are connected by an interlocking groove giving it an elegant appearance of a recessed joint. The reveal panel can range from 200mm to 300mm in width and lengths up to 6.0 m

Supports needs to be ventilated, rigid and continuous where all parts of the Nail Strip panels are laid EXCEPT for 38mm x 265mm Colorbond/Zincalume/Metallic/Ultra which can be installed on a 40mm batten at maximum 600mm centres.
The plywood minimum thickness shall be 15mm. Nail Strip panels are laid and fixed directly to the plywood substrate along the perforated strip every 300mm with concealed screws or nails.
The high rib is then placed over the low rib and snapped into place along the length of the panel.




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