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Snap-line 45® Roofing & Cladding

Snap-Line 45® is a modern, versatile roofing and wall cladding system. The profile has a deep rib height of 45mm and the cover width can be varied from 305 mm to 610 mm.
It is available in various materials such as Colorbond, Zincalume, Zinc, Copper, Aluminium and COR-TEN. This gives the designer and architect a wide choice of aesthetics to both roofing and walling.
The Snap-Line 45® can be rolled on site with a mobile roll former in single, long lengths. Snap-Line 45® has the feature of rolling stiffener ribs and clip relief (optional) into the pan for added rigidity and reducing any dimples that may be caused by the head of the screw with foot traffic pressure.
One of the main advantages of this profile is that it is a structural, self supporting profile that does not require continuous backing (subject to recommended spans and material tensile strengths).
Softer metals such as Zinc and Copper will still require plywood/continuous support under roofing applications.


Snap-line 45® Roofing & Cladding

Snap-Line 45® sheets should be laid into the prevailing wind. For batten fixing, concealed fixing clips hook over the small rib of the sheet, then fixed down onto the supports within the maximum span recommendations with 10 gauge countersunk screws.
The larger rib on the preceding roof sheet is then snapped and locked down over the small rib and clip. The edges of the sheets should be fixed for strength and spanning capability.
For optimum finish and softer metals, Snap-Line 45® should be installed on a plywood substrate. The support needs to be ventilated, rigid and continuous where all parts of the panels are laid. The plywood minimum thickness shall be 15mm for cladding and 18mm for roofing.
Panels are fixed with concealed clips every 900mm maximum centres. Clips are fixed with 10 gauge countersunk screws onto the timber supports. The small rib is held in place by the clip.
The larger rib is placed over both the clip and small rib then snapped down to create a sealed join. Material choice to be verified by client and installation must comply in accordance with the BCA. Testing to AS1562.1, AS4040.1 and AS4040.2 is currently underway and literature will be made available once complete.


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