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Standing Seam Roofing & Cladding

Standing Seam is an architectural panel system that can be used for facade or roofing applications. With its thin rib and wide tray, it gives a modern appearance using concealed fixing and crimping techniques to lap panels along entire lengths.
The support needs to be ventilated, rigid and continuous where all parts of the standing seam panels are laid. The plywood minimum thickness shall be 15mm for cladding and 18mm for roofing.
Standing Seam panels are fixed with steel clips every 600mm maximum centres. Fixed and sliding clips can be used to allow for expansion and contraction of material.
Clips are fixed with countersunk screws onto the timber supports. Each panel has a male and female rib.
The female rib is held in place by a clip. The male rib is placed over both the clip and female rib then crimped to create a sealed join. Material choice to be verified by client and installation must comply in accordance with the BCA.



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