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Metal Roof Brackets & Clamps

Vinsun Building Supplies are the suppliers of S-5 Roof Brackets and Clamps for Industrial, Residential and Commercial Use.

Installing solar panels, HVAC units, duct supports, walkways and other items on a roof has always posed a real challenge around roof penetrations and weather proofing.That is until now.With the GRipperFix system and S-5 clamps you can install solar panels and HVAC units or anything else on your roof without any concerns over potential damage to your roof or voiding your roof warranty.The GRipperFix system with S-5 roof clamps offers an innovative non-penetrating roof clamping and bracket system that will provide a secure clamp on a range of metal roofing profiles including:

  • Standing seam
  • T-shaped seams
  • Horizontal seams
  • Bulb seams
  • Concealed Fixed Roof Systems

The GRipperFix rails provide a super strong, no rust mounting base for attaching anything from solar panels to walkways and HVAC units.Sturdy metal tabs slot neatly into the GRipperFix struts and can slide allowing for easy positioning. The tabs simply screw into the appropriate S-5 clamp.Intelligent design means you no longer need to screw through the roof into the purlins in order to secure the mounting brackets.The S-5 range of metal roof clamps use flat nosed stainless steel screws to press the metal profile rib against the other side of the clamp.The screws will indent the rib slightly but will not penetrate the metal. Tiny flanges on the clamps provide additional holding power.

S-5 Corrubracket

The S-5 CorruBracket is also available for corrugated profiles but a weatherproof penetration into the purlins will be required to hold the bracket to the roof.
Butyl sealant protects the metal roof from any water ingress.
The S-5 range of roof clamps and brackets are so strong they are even approved as a secure anchor point for working at heights safety purposes.
*Only on tested applications.
GRipperFix can also be fixed directly to profiles such as Trimdek using self-piercing fasteners.
Self-drilling fasteners means there is no drilling swarf or rust and the GRipperFix is guaranteed for 25 years.


Solar Panels

Now there is an easier way to attach solar panels to your roof.
In the past installers had no choice but to screw older style mounts through your precious metal roof into the supporting structure.
This has often caused problems with corrosion issues especially where careless tradies have damaged the roof unnecessarily or the mounting bracket has not protected the penetrations from water ingress.
Many people are unaware that this type of damage can void your roof warranty.
The S-5 metal roof clamps and GRipperFix rail system provide a really secure and safe way for mounting solar panels onto your roof.
The S-5 range of aluminium clamps and stainless steel screws fit almost all metal profiles. And the GRipperFix rails bolt on to a tab attached to the S-5 clamp.
The rails allow for a wide range of positioning adjustability making installation a quick stress-free job.
S-5 and GRipperFix: the perfect solution for all metal roof solar racking.

ac roof brackets

Air Conditioning / Hvac

Mounting an HVAC unit to your roof can pose lots of challenges; lining up screw holes on heavy units, adjusting levels, making sure all penetrations are weatherproof and so on.
The GRipperFix and S-5 clamp system makes it all so easy.
Simply identify the appropriate roofing profile here – Clamp to Seal Tool
If you need to direct fix the GRipperFix rails to the roof then you can bypass this step.
Position and attach the downslope clamps first then the upper clamps. The sliding tabs make attaching the GRipperFix rails very simple whether you’re using S-5 clamps or direct fixing.
You can add vibration reduction and levelling pads to raise the lower strut on sloping roofs to ensure the HVAC unit is level.
Once everything is nicely lined up final tightening of the screws will ensure your HVAC unit stays where it’s meant to be.


Standing Seam Clamps

The S-5 clamp system offers a clamp for almost every standing seam or ribbed metal profile roof cladding on the market.
The S-5 brackets use a non-penetrating clamp system with the exception of the CorruBracket which is designed for corrugated profiles.
The CorruBracket is held securely to the roof with screws into the supporting roof structure. Weather proofing is protected with tough butyl pads.
The S-5 clamps are designed to fit really snugly around the varying roof profiles ensuring maximum purchasing power.
The S-5-K clamp for Klip-Rib (Concealed Fixes Profiles) and other bulb style snap-together profiles actually uses an additional insert to hug the metal seam closely thereby increasing the holding power of the clamp.
It’s important to choose the correct S-5 u clamp or bracket for the specific metal roof profile in order to get a really strong attachment to the roofing profile.
This handy tool will take you through the range of metal profiles and manufacturers to ensure you get the right S-5 clamp.
The S-5 clamps can be used on their own or with the GRipperFix rail system. The GRipperFix system allows you to use a concealed attachment for KlipLok and SpeedDeck Ultra type profiles.
Generally for these roofing types you’ll need an S-5-K clamp.
GRipperFix is fixed directly to TrimDek and other similar type metal roofing panels using self-piercing screws.
The EPDM factory double seal ensures the highest weatherproofing protection. GRipperFix is guaranteed for 25 years.

Metal Compatibility

Compatibility is an important issue you need to consider anytime you attach a metal object to a metal roof.Incompatible materials will increase the speed of corrosion thanks to galvanic reactions between the two different metals.The S-5 range of aluminium roof clamps is compatible with nearly all metal type roofs including:

  • Galvalume®
  • Zincalume®
  • Aluminium (painted, bare or anodized)
  • Titanium-zinc (VM & Rheinzink)
  • Stainless steel

There is a brass S-5 clamp that is compatible with anything the aluminium version doesn’t suit such as copper.S-5 clamps and the GRipperFix system means you can install your solar panels, HVAC units, ducting systems, and walkways with ease.And you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have any weather tightness issues with your new installation.Talk to the experts at Vinsun Building Supplies about how S-5 and GRipperFix can revolutionise the way you work.



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